Sunday, 7 May 2017

Free and Open Source Software for you to use..

One of the lessons I learnt as a social entrepreneur, was this: Hardware costs are going down, and software costs are going up.

We made a decision to use only open source software. So it was possible to pick up great hardware, and then put Mint on it. Before that, we had Linux on our machines. Free, and not pirated. Then we used Open Office. Free. And not pirated.

We found that it was possible to dramatically reduce software costs without compromising on functionality, ease of use, or security.

Then we realised it wasn't just us. TCS gives everyone a copy of Open Office (which is free, and equally productive) and you have to apply to get MS Office.

So, here is a cheat sheet. This is a list of things you can do with open source and free software that merits a try.

  • Mint
Mint is the coolest interface. No, its not just a Windows substitute. It is truly neat, clean and slick. Its what we would like the OS to be. Not a thousand features that you have to navigate just to get to the stuff you really need. Do consider trying the OS on one trial machine before rolling it out.

  • Open Office / Libre Office
We've tried both of these, and can vouch for the functional fit.

This is the Go-to place for software. Today, I downloaded a Store management software for a retail space client. It works beautifully!

  • Security
AVG is great. And there are other options. Do try for individual computers. It cant be used to protect the network.